Washington, D.C. 20549
Notice of Effectiveness
Effectiveness Date: June 14, 2021 10:00 A.M.
Form: S-4
CIK: 0000811532
Company Name: CEDAR FAIR L P
File Number: 333-256555
CIK: 0001503892
Company Name: Canada's Wonderland Co
File Number: 333-256555-21
CIK: 0001503890
Company Name: Magnum Management Co
File Number: 333-256555-20
CIK: 0001636302
Company Name: Carowinds LLC
File Number: 333-256555-19
CIK: 0001636348
Company Name: Millennium Operations LLC
File Number: 333-256555-18
CIK: 0001503889
Company Name: Cedar Fair Southwest, Inc.
File Number: 333-256555-17
CIK: 0001636303
Company Name: Cedar Point Park LLC
File Number: 333-256555-16
CIK: 0001636304
Company Name: Dorney Park LLC
File Number: 333-256555-15
CIK: 0001636306
Company Name: Geauga Lake LLC
File Number: 333-256555-14
CIK: 0001636307
Company Name: Kings Dominion LLC
File Number: 333-256555-13
CIK: 0001503899
Company Name: Kings Island Co
File Number: 333-256555-12
CIK: 0001636308
Company Name: Kings Island Park LLC
File Number: 333-256555-11
CIK: 0001636309
Company Name: Knotts Berry Farm LLC
File Number: 333-256555-10
CIK: 0001503900
Company Name: Michigan's Adventure, Inc.
File Number: 333-256555-09
CIK: 0001636346
Company Name: Michigans Adventure Park LLC
File Number: 333-256555-08
CIK: 0001636270
Company Name: Valleyfair LLC
File Number: 333-256555-07
CIK: 0001503895
Company Name: Wonderland Company, Inc.
File Number: 333-256555-06
CIK: 0001636272
Company Name: Worlds of Fun LLC
File Number: 333-256555-05
CIK: 0001809452
Company Name: California's Great America LLC
File Number: 333-256555-04
CIK: 0001809455
Company Name: Galveston Waterpark LLC
File Number: 333-256555-03
CIK: 0001809472
Company Name: Sawmill Creek LLC
File Number: 333-256555-02
CIK: 0001809469
Company Name: New Braunfels Waterpark LLC
File Number: 333-256555-01