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Date: June 1, 2021


Moderator:   Jim Ryan/Kathy Schoettlin
June 01, 2021
4:15 p.m. CT

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Good day and thank you for standing by. Welcome to Old National Bank Team Call.
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I would like to hand the call over to your presenter, Mr. Jim Ryan. Please go ahead.
Jim Ryan:
Thank you, everyone. Welcome. It’s been a very eventful day here in Chicago. I realize it’s a little after 5 o’clock for our Eastern Time Zone friends, so we will keep this call as brief as possible.
Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to the listen to the midday call. I know we had well over a thousand people dial in, and we had some great dialogue. I know we had some segment calls. Hopefully you’ve heard from your operational group leaders.
And so – and maybe this is the second, third, or fourth time so you probably don’t want to hear too much from Jim and I. So, Jim and I are going to say a few brief words and then – and then kick it over to Mike and Mark to talk a little bit more about – to introduce them to you.

I just – maybe some quick reflections, we’ve done media interviews, Zoom interviews, calls with analyst and investors. We’ve had a lot of energy in the room here, and we’re really excited – as excited today, right now at this time as we were this morning. We’ve gotten great feedback from everybody we’ve engaged with, so just really positive feedback.
The stock performed as we expected, and so we feel really good about where we are today. And I’d just – maybe just start by just saying thank you. Thank you for all your support. I know we don’t have many answers today about all the things that – all the decisions we need to make and all the integration work that’s ahead of us. But we know we have a strong team. We have a strong company, and we’re so grateful for each and every one of you.
So, with that, I’m going to maybe let Jim reflect a little bit on the day and give you an update.
Jim Sandgren:
Yes, thanks, Jim. And for many of you, this’ll be the third time you’ve heard from me. So again, I’ll be brief. But today’s been a fantastic day. We’ve talked a lot about cultural alignment. And with each person – new person I meet here at First Midwest, it just validates that this is absolutely the right partnership for all of us going forward.
We did have some great segment calls this afternoon with Wealth, Community, and Commercial. And it was great to hear from our various CEOs in talking about the great things that First Midwest is going to bring to Old National Bank as we go forward. And I think we’re going to have more products, more tools to help deepen our customer relationships, and so obviously, really excited about that. There’ll be some things that we bring to the table as well.
So again, just a great day – always good, as you know, for me to be in Chicago. So nice to be up here with the new team, and I’m just looking forward to building the preeminent commercial bank in the Midwest. And I think we absolutely have the talent and the team to do that, so really looking forward to moving forward.
And I know you want to hear, certainly, more from Mike and Mark. So, I’ll turn it back over to Jim for a quick intro.

Jim Ryan:
So, my job is to introduce them. I’ve got to tell you that the more time I spend with each one of them and, quite frankly, the entire team here in Chicago, I feel better about what we’re doing.
Mike and I had the opportunity to spend hours and days, and we spent more time together in the last five months than we’ve probably spent with our own families. So, it’s been great to know Mike at a much deeper level and get to know Mark.
And so, it’s with great pleasure I introduce, when we close this great partnership of ours, our new executive chairman Mike Scudder and Mark Sander who will also serve our president and COO. So, gentlemen, please take the call.
Mike Scudder:
All right, thank you, Jim. Well, first and foremost, let me see if I can do my best to follow both Jim and Jim, as they presented very well here. But first, good afternoon, it’s great to be here today. It’s – I want to thank you for having us and giving us the opportunity to talk. I can’t tell you how excited we are to talk about this combination together.
Today marks a significant milestone. If you take a step back, this is a historic point in the history of both of our companies. And it’s really sobering, and frankly, the opportunity is awe-inspiring here as we go through and reflect on that. So, we’re – I can’t tell you enough we are to be here and how excited we are to partner with Old National.
Mark and I have known Jim and Jim for quite some time now. Jim and I talked about it. Jim’s family is probably disappointed that they don’t spend as much time – I think my lovely bride’s excited that I haven’t been around as much as we go through this, but the opportunity to spend that much time – and having spent my 35-year career much like Jim and the tenure that he’s had with Old National, you get to know an organization in and out. And you get to know those people that you see around the marketplace and who do it well.
And certainly, we’ve held Old National in high regard throughout my tenure and career here, and the opportunity to get to know Jim and Jim for the time here, and we’ve considered opportunities such as this over the course of our careers, as has Old National. And as we’ve done it – I’ve talked with Jim before, the opportunities, as I think about it and partners that we would consider, I always say you can count on one finger the folks that we thought would be good. And Old National really is the perfect fit for us.

So, as you’ll hear – and I continue to be impressed as I talk to everyone, as they reflect on culture, and culture for us is really what it’s all about. Culture, they say, trumps strategy all the time. And as we looked at this, it’s all about culture. The values, the principles, the actions that shape the approach to banking that Old National adheres to are exactly the same as those of First Midwest.
We may say it a little bit differently, we may use a different verb or a different adjective, but what we’re trying to get to is exactly the same thing. It’s based on strong midwestern values, doing the right thing, deep community relationships, and just an unwavering commitment to being a trusted financial partner. And that partnership is not just for our clients but also for our communities. So, as I said, that’s really what resonates with us. We’ve talked about it as a company for a long period of time.
We firmly believe in that alignment with Old National, that if you do the right thing for the clients and you do that right thing every time, you will do the right thing for your colleagues, you’ll do the right thing for your communities, and then ultimately you’ll do the right thing for your stakeholders.
So, I know I can speak for Jim and Mark when I say our commitment to those values will not change as a combined organization, nor will our commitment to keeping all of you at the forefront of our priorities as we move forward. We have just a tremendous opportunity in front of us and I hope you’re all as excited as we are. We truly look forward to building on our momentum for the future as a combined organization, one team.
And with that, I’ll turn it over to Mark.
Mark Sander:
Thanks, Mike. And picking up where Mike left off, it might sound repetitive a little bit, but hopefully that just shows you how closely all of us are aligned, which is to say I just personally am very excited to be a part of what we think of as a historic merger of equals.
We’re combing two of the strongest and most successful banks in the Midwest to create an even stronger more competitive powerhouse in – across our footprint. So just personally, I’ve lived in Chicago all my life, even during my college years. If I may get a quick plug in here: Go Illini!. I know Kendra’s with me, right?

But I called on – I called on clients and prospects in almost every one of your markets over my commercial banking career, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to do so again by partnering with all of you.
So as Mike mentioned, we’ve known the Old National folks for several years. We’ve gotten to know your executive team well over the past several months, and I have to say, we began this process thinking this was a good cultural fit. We keep coming back to culture. But my view is just solidified more and more with each passing week and the more we get to know people.
So, we keep harping on culture but it – I think these are two similar cultures in how we serve clients and communities, and this was crucially important to us. Again, strategy is key but culture trumps strategy if it’s not done properly. And on the flip side of that, if you get the culture piece right, the rest can fall into place. And that’s what we think is going to happen here.
So, this gives us an opportunity to create a significantly stronger market position. With equity combined, we’ll become the 28th largest bank in the country with nearly endless opportunities to grow our business better, compete and serve our clients. So, this includes having more scale to accelerate the investments we’ve each been individually making in digitization and technology, which we all know, of course, is critical to our future.
So, I’ll conclude by saying this is just a huge win for all of us. I truly believe it will transform the banking landscape in the Midwest, all to the benefit of our clients, our communities, and importantly to all of you, our colleagues.
So, I look forward to getting all – getting to know all of you a little bit better in the coming weeks. So back to you, Jim.
Jim Ryan:
Thanks, Mark. Thank you, Mike, and thank you, Jim. It’s been a busy and eventful day. We’re going to wrap things up so you can get home to your families. I just – as you think about going home tonight and talking to your families about what just happened today, please know that our commitment to you hasn’t changed.
Our commitment to our clients hasn’t changed. Our commitment to our communities hasn’t changed and our values aren’t changing just because we’re getting bigger. We think ultimately we can deliver more to all of our stakeholders as a result of this partnership and it – and it is historic. And we are excited about this.

Obviously, there’s a lot of information to come about what this means to each and every one of us. So, know in the coming weeks – we know – I hear from all of you pretty regularly. I send that email out on every Friday, and you aren’t afraid to reply back with every single thing that you’re thinking about. So please keep that up. Happy to continue to take that, but know there’s a lot more information coming.
And so, maybe just as I end this, thank you. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for the hard work that’s yet to come on the integration activities and all those things that are – that are about to kick off here. And I just want to say, have a great night. Know we are here for you and look forward to seeing you.
By the way, we are going to come on some visits. So as soon as next week you’ll start to see some visits pop up on your calendar. So hopefully, we’ll connect with many of you as we go out and travel with the leadership team from both companies. So have a great evening and enjoy your day.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. This concludes today’s conference call. Thank you all for joining. You may now all disconnect.

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