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Date: May 10, 2021




Letter from Chairman and CEO Mark Penn to the shareholders of MDC Partners Inc. (“MDC”) as contained in MDC’s 2020 Annual Report


For MDC Partners, 2020 was a year of setback, renewal and ultimately success.


Just as the company had regained its footing, the pandemic led to a complete shutdown in marketing, and yet the company finished the year strongly as our agency partners and corporate team rose to the challenge. Now, with our sight set on further growth, we look forward to the potential combination with The Stagwell Group.


I am pleased to share an update on our progress, and elaborate on how the pending business combination with Stagwell will further MDC’s continued transformation and long-term success. 


In Tumult, Transformation


In the first quarter of 2020, MDC Partners achieved renewed, industry pace-setting growth -- just as our industry came to a virtual standstill, experiential and travel-related businesses ground to a halt, tech companies cut back, and pitches dried up. The result was a shock to the entire industry, even as our first-quarter results validated the steps toward financial and operational rigor we had taken in the year prior. 


But, with the groundwork in place, we responded decisively to these challenges, acting quickly to protect our employees and our business. Among the many actions we took, we: successfully extended our revolver, purchased $30 million of our bonds at a steep discount, cut $168 million of expenses, and lowered staff cost margins by 200 basis points. 


Driven by our disciplined cost management, we delivered our strongest Covenant EBITDA1 in the last three years at $190 million for full-year 2020, up 5.3% year over year. 2020 Adjusted EBITDA margins increased sharply by 250 basis points, rising to 14.8% from 12.3% in 2019 on improving fundamentals and diligent expense reductions. For the full year, organic net revenue declined 12.3%, in line with our 10-15 percent revenue guidance for the year. All told, we ended the year in a strong cash position with $61 million in cash and no revolver borrowings, while our leverage ratio continued to decline, ending at 4.4x.


While the business at large suffered from pandemic effects, our digital and tech offerings – in contrast to the general industry – saw more than 50% growth as more clients committed to the shift to e-commerce and digital performance marketing. Our global communications firms, too, showed strength as companies pivoted and refined their messaging in response to the pandemic and broader social environment. Full-year 2020 net new business was a solid $90.3 million versus $93.6 million in 2019, a strong performance considering the challenges of COVID-19. Notable wins include Coca-Cola, Samsung, Molson Coors, Diageo, Mini, FCA, Jimmy John’s, Haagen-Dazs, Netflix, and many more.  


While we do not expect the marketing industry to fully return to pre-pandemic growth before 2022, the execution of our core plan provided the backbone for MDC's effective response to the crisis. Importantly, MDC's heritage at the intersection of creativity, disruptive innovation, entrepreneurialism and unparalleled talent continues to prove a driver of value for global clients. 


Executing on Our Plan 


In the face of the upheaval of the past year, we have forged forward in our efforts to construct a nimble, scaled global competitor to the antiquated holding companies assembled decades ago. 



1 A reconciliation of non-GAAP financial measures to the U.S. GAAP reported results of operations for the year ended December 31, 2020 is provided in the Company’s Current Report on Form 8-K filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on March 2, 2021.





Core to those efforts was our investment in unlocking barriers to global collaboration among our partners. We accomplished this by establishing several integrated agency networks within MDC to unite best-in-class specialist creative agencies with data, technology, and a full suite of modern communications services. Already, that integrated approach is driving success in winning new clients and expanding relationships with existing ones. 


Understanding that collaboration across disciplines engenders the best outcomes for clients and for our talent, we erected a modern global headquarters for the MDC network, convening for the first time in the company’s history 14 agency brands in one of the most iconic American buildings – One World Trade Center, in Manhattan. 


Meanwhile, as we worked with clients to steer their transformation processes, we, too, looked inward. In 2020, we established a central Global Technology Group to introduce a bold new vision for cloud-based technology, designed to apply to same forward-thinking creativity to our operational and IT backbone as we do to our creative client work 


With the arrival of former Deloitte Digital executive Julia Hammond, now President of MDC Global, we have also begun building a new centralized vision of MDC to serve larger, integrated accounts across the entire firm. This team sits at the core of MDC’s rapidly growing global ambitions, which are taking shape in our fast-growing Global Affiliates program, launched early in 2021. 


Finally, we have taken our charge seriously that advertising and marketing methods require reinvention. Rather than wait for new tech-forward tools to come from Silicon Valley, we are actively incubating and launching proprietary SaaS technology products that solve core gaps in the marketing services ecosystem. MDC Partners launched the first of its products in 2020: PRophet, the first-ever artificial intelligence-enabled tool for media professions to predict the sentiment, reach, and coverage of a story before it is pitched.


Accelerated Momentum 


Just as we launched into 2020 at full speed, we have started 2021 with incredible momentum, building meaningfully on the past year’s transformation. 


On the new business front, our integrated networks have continued to drive new business for MDC Partners. Most recently, MilkPEP, founded by the nation’s milk companies, selected the GALE/Assembly network and Hunter to modernize its approach to marketing the $20-$30 billion category.


Creatively, our agencies continue to define culture's most iconic moments. Look no further than Super Bowl LV, the biggest sports and marketing arena of the year, which saw MDC bring seven national spots to life for clients like Indeed, Jeep, Vroom, Jimmy John's, and of course, the NFL. As a network, we represent less than 1% of the global ad market but accounted for more than 10% of the ads in this great creative showcase. Particularly in a year that has seen mass marketing disruption, our outsized presence in the game underscores the unique value that clients see in MDC’s ability to reflect and drive culture.  


Strategically, we are constructing a differentiated global offering to serve as the industry standard for mission-based, global collaboration. In early 2021, we announced a new Global Affiliate Program that formalizes agreements with international agency partners in the Middle East, Russia, Taiwan, India and Latin America to scale the creative, performance, media and technology capabilities brands need to thrive in today’s global economy. We have a goal of 50 affiliates by the end of the year and have already created 23 such partnerships, ensuring that we will play to win in scaled global pitches.


From a talent perspective, we continue to manifest MDC’s heritage as the place where great talent lives by attracting industry-redefining innovators. Supporting our commitment to providing modern global marketers with innovative, data-driven and integrated solutions, we recently announced the hiring of a Chief Media Officer, Deirdre McGlashan, to drive evolution across MDC’s global media, data and technology capabilities, lead global media pitch opportunities and offer scaled clients the advanced solutions that drive superior business results. In addition to other new central client functions, this role helps us deliver on client integration at the highest level. Meanwhile, we continue to attract the industry’s top talent at the agency level, recently bringing on Marianne Malina as the new CEO of one of our flagship agencies, Crispin Porter Bogusky. 





Just Getting Started


As we strike out into a world recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, know that we are not pausing our plan to transform MDC into the Modern Marketing Company of Choice. Along with the cost reductions achieved so far, a transformed agency structure, a growing central client operation, accelerating momentum, and impressive digital growth, the centerpiece of the strategy today is our proposed combination with The Stagwell Group. 


Today, MDC is celebrated for bringing award-winning creative firepower to the world's leading and most ambitious companies. Meanwhile, I built Stagwell with deep and sophisticated technology at its core. Marrying MDC’s unparalleled creative talent with the digital leadership of Stagwell, we are forming the next big thing in marketing – a top ten, globally integrated marketing services company designed to unleash the transformative power of Talent + Technology around the world. 


We have laid out four key growth drivers for the combined company: 


·Scaling up digital transformation and online media: With the combined company set to manage $4.4 billion of majority-digital media, we will boast a high-growth engine based on driving innovation along the core pillars of a 21st-century digital advertising strategy: designing, creating, and managing consumer-e-commerce platforms; generating online advocacy; and enabling influencers and global performance marketing. These services form the core of the digital marketing world, and we provide them to some of the biggest clients in the world from, FAANG companies to major retailers and the biggest CPG firms.
·Delivering true creative performance marketing: We will eliminate the artificial silo between brand marketing and performance media. By “scaling creative performance,” as we call it, we empower our clients to advance beyond the amateurish ads prevalent in digital marketing to deliver far more effective advertising. This unique approach will provide a springboard for gaining market share while our clients benefit from more impactful marketing. 
·Rolling out new SaaS digital marketing products: The combined company will not just sell digital marketing services --- we’ll develop our own. Channeling my experience driving strategy for Microsoft, MDC and Stagwell have been developing an ecosystem of cloud-enabled marketing tools based on artificial intelligence, proprietary data, and unique insights. From cookie-less data platforms for advanced audience targeting and activation to innovative applications of text messaging for PR, we are creating new, recurring, high-value revenue streams based on our client base, industry expertise, and engineering heft. 
·Competing for and winning big, global marketing contracts: While the top four marketing holding companies have historically had a stranglehold on these opportunities, with this combination we can create global teams with the potential to win contracts worth tens of millions of dollars.


Together, we represent the future of our industry: the best in creativity and innovation, supported by sophisticated owned insights and world-class technology. Clients demand a differentiated approach to global marketing and communications that can steer their future; we will be the solution they deserve. They are looking for a new level of connected experiences across creativity, data and technology – all synchronized to be more effective – and that’s what we will deliver.


On behalf of MDC Partners, I want to thank all of our colleagues for their efforts under extraordinary circumstances throughout 2020. I would also like to thank you, our shareholders, for your continued support.


I look forward to keeping you informed of our progress.


/s/ Mark Penn 

Mark Penn






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an inability to realize expected benefits of the Proposed Transaction or the occurrence of difficulties in connection with the Proposed Transaction;
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the occurrence of material Canadian federal income tax (including material “emigration tax”) as a result of the Proposed Transaction;
the impact of uncertainty associated with the Proposed Transaction on MDC’s and Stagwell’s respective businesses;
direct or indirect costs associated with the Proposed Transaction, which could be greater than expected;
the risk that a condition to completion of the Proposed Transaction may not be satisfied and the Proposed Transaction may not be completed; and
the risk of parties challenging the Proposed Transaction or the impact of the Proposed Transaction on MDC’s debt arrangements.


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