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Date: April 14, 2021


Bitcoin, Ether Hit All-Time Highs; What Happens After Coinbase Listing




April 13, 2021


Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkXnlqrBypA


CoinDesk.TV Interview – April 13, 2021


Interviewer 1: Checking in on Bitcoin, the XBX Bitcoin price right now trading just below $63,000 but Bitcoin is still up about 4% over the past 24 hours, making that all-time high earlier. The ETX Ether price right now trading at 2,228. Ether is up 3.4% over the past 24 hours according to trade block data. Joining us now to discuss the crypto markets is MoneyLion CEO, Dee Choubey, in New York. Welcome, Dee.


Dee Choubey: Thanks for having me.


Interviewer 1: Great to have you here. All right, so it's a big day, Bitcoin all-time high as well as Ethereum. What's your take on the markets?


Dee: I think that exciting times for the market. We here at Moneyline are trying to do our small part in the ecosystem as it relates to on-ramps, wallets, and the distribution and the capability. From our perspective, over 85% of Americans still haven't really gotten exposure to cryptocurrencies and digital assets, a lot of the wealth's creation and a lot of the price appreciation that's happening. For those that are in the know, we as a digital bank now have the opportunity, really, to create those on-ramps into access for more of a mainstream audience here. We're excited about creating an opportunity.


Interviewer 1: Dee, are you seeing more retail or institutional activity?


Dee: Ours is all retail. We are direct to consumer digital bank and as we go out to our customers and we ask them, "Have you been exposed to cryptocurrencies?" 60% have, and then another 77% say that if they had an easier access to really on-ramp fiat into crypto, they would avail that opportunity. We believe that from a retail perspective, we're just right at the gates here.


Interviewer 2: Hi, Dee, are you worried at all about some of these retail investors coming in and taking big bets? What are you doing to foster some responsibility on their part when it comes to handling their own money?


Dee: Yes, it's a great question. We've seen a lot of the zeitgeists of the moment is around stimulus and putting it into cryptocurrencies and there's lots of chatter on Twitter and there's lots of just Reddit channels on how to optimize it across the ecosystem. Of course, Coinbase going public and becoming more mainstream is going to, of course, proliferate some of that even more.


As we think about it's really the education part, right? When we say that 85% of Americans have never touched a cryptocurrency, there's a reluctance, there's a hesitance to understand the volatility. The first step that we take is we focus a lot on education. Our first product is actually going to be a crypto roundup. Again, you've used the MoneyLine debit card at a point of sale or on e-commerce and you'll have an opportunity to put roundup to the next dollar or next even dollar or add a little bit.





From our perspective, the conversation is dip your toe, understand the volatility, understand how it batches or goals. Ultimately, one of the things that differentiate us is we're always giving advice on what to do with the next dollar to our customers. Crypto is just one more asset class that fits inside how your robo-advisor or your single stocks make up your portfolio.


Interviewer 2: Yes, along those lines, let's say, Robinhood, which is one of the bigger retail apps out there, how are you different from them? What are you providing that differentiates you guys?


Dee: Yes, we've taken a platform approach. There are some great fintechs out there that, of course, that are transactional that consumers download or use those applications for a single purpose. We are not reliant any one type of revenue stream because we've built a holistic platform. We're a digital bank. We're a robo-advisor. We provide credits to our consumers as well collateralized by their good behavior and those months where they have access. We're really creating that private banking experience for the rest of us, for the American middle class where you can actually leverage the behavior in the different swimlanes, all into one holistic view. That's really, our ability to look at the assets and the liabilities of the consumer, ultimately, differentiate us.


Interviewer 3: Hi, Dee. As we all know, big listing tomorrow, what do you expect to see in the markets tomorrow?


Dee: I think the previous conversations were all around just the proliferation of the— There's a technology side of it and the distribution side of it. On the distribution side, we expect, what we all want, is more access to more Americans and more middle-class folks globally, and then, really, the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payments mechanism. That's what we're really excited about when we think about enabling a digital wallet where there's an interoperability between your bank account and instantly within seconds, you're into crypto assets. Coinbase is, of course, pioneer of that, and now, there's more to do. I think that with them as an example, the ability to use your digital wallet now for payments becomes an even more useful experience for folks.


Interviewer 1: All right, Dee, thank you so much for the update this morning. Thanks for joining us.


Dee: Thanks for having me.


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