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The following is a transcript of a townhall meeting for Xilinx, Inc. employees, led by the CEO of Xilinx, Inc. and the CEO of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., held on October 29, 2020.


Victor: Well, welcome back, everyone. Good morning, good afternoon, and like to express my thanks and appreciation at how much time you're taking for all these communications. I think it's really important, and hopefully you find this very valuable. So if you go to the next slide, it's really been, it's gonna be a very full session here, so I wanna get right into it.


It's been a very busy 48 hours. You know, we've done many, many press, analysts, of course shareholder briefings. AMD, of course, took the lead, but our team has been very active as well, and, you know, the reaction's been very positive. You know, there's a lot to this story, so some people took a little time to really understand the nuances, but the feedback that we're getting, we're seeing in the print, you know, by again, press, analysts, all the key messages, and I think that as people absorb it, you're gonna see increasing positivity. There was a lot of price target raises for AMD and so forth.


We also had sent out messages to customers, and I would I've received a lot of feedback, you know, some of the other business leaders have received feedback, and that's been really positive. So I think the communications, it's really been a success, and of course, that's because I think the [inaudible 00:01:26] transaction is incredibly powerful, and truly historic. So, things have gone well so far, but again, I expect that there's gonna be more processing of all the information.


So, look, your feedback's extremely valuable too, and in the last couple of session we've really gotten a lot of sense of what's on your mind. You know, if I just cover, summarize the themes, you wanna hear a little bit more about, you know, what's the thinking and the planning for integration over the next approximately 12 months. Clearly, you wanna hear things that could affect you directly, and that's certainly understandable, and, as you know, we don't really have all those details, but of course, we understand as soon as they're available, we will be communicating that.


And, you know, look, I know everybody's, you know, thinking through this news, and it takes some time and everybody absorbs that in a different way, but we're gonna shift over time to talking a lot more about the business and the financial opportunities, which are just immense, over the weeks ahead. I know right now, there's a lot of questions around, again, the structure, and how things might affect everyone.





So, look, we'll, as I said during the meetings, you know, this is just the beginning. We're gonna really try and overcommunicate through the course of the whole year. I'm sure there'll be a time when you're not necessarily gonna want to another one of these all hands. So, all right, let's go to the next slide, please.


And so, here' where I'm really delighted and honored to introduce the CEO of AMD, Lisa Su. Lisa's really engineered a storied turnaround and transformation of AMD, which is also a storied franchise, right, but this is just an unbelievable story in our industry. She joined in 2012, as COO. She took over CEO in 2014. In that time, she's launched literally hundreds of premium products throughout PCs, gaming, and datacenter. Market share has increased across every single business unit. Revenues grew between 2014, when she took over, to 2019 by more than $1 billion. And actually, in this year, she's gonna probably do about over two in a single year. AMD's stock has increased more than 20X in this period of time, and they have a market cap of over $100 billion. So, that's an unbelievable track record, something that is, as I said, a storied accomplishment. So, please give a warm welcome to Lisa. Lisa, welcome back. [inaudible 00:04:10]


Lisa: [inaudible 00:04:10] Very good. Thank you, Victor. And hey, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, everyone. It's really my incredible honor to be here to talk to all of you today. You know, I've had a chance to spend obviously a lot of time with Victor, and a lot of time with his staff, but this is my real, you know, first time being introduced to all the Xilinx employees. So, I wanna say again, you know, how happy and honored I am to be here.


Let me just, you know, talk a little bit maybe, and then we'll have plenty of time for Q&A. So, just a little bit about myself. You know, I'd like to introduce sort of what makes me tick. Maybe that's something that's interesting. Look, I grew up as an engineer, you know, grew up in New York, actually like Victor, we both grew up in New York, and have really been, you know, sort of an engineer at heart. By background, my PhD, is in device physics. So, for those of you who follow, you know, the old days, I was a quarter-micron device engineer at IBM, and, you know, fought those wars for a while.


But I've been in processors for a long time, and, you know, really, what I enjoy about it is the fact that what we do, you know, what we do in processing and high performance, is just so important in this world. Like, we actually make a difference. You know, our products make a difference, and, you know, that's why I've really enjoyed sort of the last 25 year in the semi industry.


You know, fast forward to AMD. I joined, you know, Victor mentioned, I joined AMD in 2012, and, you know, I joined with the idea that this was, you know, a company that had a good foundation, but there was more that we could do to really become a strong execution machine. And so, we've been working on that. It's been, you know, a journey, like all journeys are, and I'm happy with the work that we've done. You know, when our 2015 revenue was about $4 billion, and, you know, this year, given where we are in the year, we'll be north of $9.5 billion. So, you know, our mantra is put out great products, it's all about the products, you know, we're a technology company, put out great products, really focus on deep customer relationships, and then just simplify everything that we do. And that really has been my mantra since I took over as CEO of AMD, and it's helped guide us, frankly. It's helped guide us.





So, we've been incredibly focused on our own story, and I must say, we've been incredibly focused. But as I thought about, you know, sort of where the industry is going, where the semiconductor industry is going, you know, it is a place where there're going to be these big winners, because they're driving the technology, and pushing the envelope on the industry, and really shaping the future of the industry, and I wanted to be part of that. I wanted to be, you know, I wanted AMD to be part of that. And when I think about where we are, I also felt that we couldn't do that alone. And so, we come to today.


I have to say, Victor and I have spent a lot of time together. You know, AMD and Xilinx really started collaborating together about three years ago, I would say, Victor, if that's right. I know you attended our launch in Austin, when we were launching our EPYC products. And I think we knew that, when you think about the compute in the future, I mean, I say this publicly all the time, that the computing industry is heterogenous, and, you know, we need CPUs and we need GPUs, but we also need FPGAs, and we also need ASICs, and, you know, sort of your adaptive SoC concept, you know, really marries some of those. And what we wanna do is to provide the best solutions to the industry across, you know, sort of that gamut of computing. So, we got to know each other really well through just the base collaboration. Actually, we were meeting, you know, quarterly, even right as Victor was becoming CEO of Xilinx, so that we could talk about how we could use our processors and, you know, your adaptive SoCs more closely.


And as I got to know the team more, and I got to know your products more, I think it just became clear that Xilinx is the, first of all, Xilinx is an amazing franchise. Let me start with that. I think the track record that you guys have built over time, and especially over the last five years, to see the acceleration of your market share, has been absolutely fantastic. And then, more than that, Victor and I actually share a very common vision for where the industry is going. And it is about that, you know, sort of future of computing, and how do we provide all of the elements that are necessary to drive that, and so that was just really, really attractive.


You know, we've gotten to know some of your team very well. You know, certainly, from a product standpoint, you know, Gaurav has been very key in helping bring the two teams together. We spent a lot of time with Salil's team, and Freddy on the customer side. And we've just, you know, the teams have really meshed well. And now you come to, you know, what we're doing today. It's extraordinarily exciting. I mean, I hope, you know, you can see what the potential is. You know, our goal in life is, frankly, to build the best technology company in the industry. And what is that? That's high growth, very, very strong products, and frankly, very strong return, you know, for our shareholders and our stakeholders, which includes all of us. I absolutely think we can do it. I'm excited about what we can do together. You know, these things are not easy. I can tell you that, from our board standpoint, you know, we've been looking at sort of the semiconductor chess board for some time. And frankly, we saw no one, you know, no company, that could come anywhere close to Xilinx, in terms of just the technology capability, the business foundation, the people, the talent, and the culture that you have.





So I'm really excited about it. I think it's a big leap of faith on both of our parts, so, you know, one of the things, as we were getting up to deciding to take this step, I had a chance to talk to your board. And, you know, we had to do it over Zoom, like this, but I spent some time with your board, at Victor's invitation. And what I told you board was that, you know, obviously, I told them all the reasons I'm excited about the technology and the future of the industry, and Xilinx, but what I also told your board is that I wouldn't do this if I didn't have Victor with me, because we are a team, and we have a shared vision, and we have a shared belief of what we can do for the industry, and, you know, that just goes a long way, because there's all kinds of details that we have to talk about, but, you know, at the core, I think that this is about what we can do in the future, and what we can do for our joint companies, and so I'm really, really excited.


I think, you know, one of the things that's so nice is that we actually do have very common cultures, so as you get to know the AMD team, you'll see that they're actually very similar to the Xilinx team. We're kind of techies at heart. You know, we walk into meetings and we talked about why does the product roadmap look this way, and, you know, what's the competition doing, and how can we do more for customers, and, you know, how do we push the envelope. There are many things that we have in common, in terms of our technology usage. You know, we're both at TSMC, we both like chiplets, we both like this, you know, sort of die stacking packaging technologies.


There's some things that you guys do better than we do, and we're gonna learn from those capabilities. I mean, you know, [inaudible 00:13:08] showed me some very, very innovative things that you're doing in, you know, already thinking about 3-nanometer technology, you know. We're not actually there yet. So, you know, that's an advantage, and yeah, there's some places where, you know, we're investing significantly. You know, certainly, we're very big at TSMC and so on and so forth, so, you know, we'll have a chance to do that together. So there are lots of opportunities for us to bring the best of both worlds together. And so, I'm very excited, and, you know, I think this is a tremendous opportunity. It's sort of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You know, frankly, I said to my husband that this is the most important thing I've ever done in my career, and it's just, like I said, I'm just so thrilled to be able to be a part of this journey that we're gonna have together, and look forward to getting to know all of you.


So, maybe Victor, I'll leave it at that, so that we can get into some of the questions, perhaps.





Victor: Sure, that was terrific, Lisa. Thank you so much, and I also want to thank you for, you know, your time is under such demand to join us, and speak to the company like this so quickly. So, thank you.


So, let's go to the next slide, and before we get into the interactive, you know, Q&A, we've already kind of gotten an incredible amount of questions. You know, I've kind of said that we had the two meetings already, just internally, and we had over 800 pre-submitted questions. We had already over 100 just for this morning, so a lot of interest in understanding your thoughts on this, and it was really great what you just shared, by the way, so I think you've covered a good amount of it, actually, but, and, you know, Annie will collect it and thematicize it, and then give it to you. She usually puts us in the hot seat. Today, you're the star of the show.


[end of video recording]


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