Date of report (Date of earliest event reported) March 16, 2020


(Exact Name of Registrant as Specified in Its Charter)


Nevada 001-36081 76-0674577
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1 Controls Drive,

Shelton, Connecticut

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(203) 937-6137
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Item 5.03.Amendments To Articles Of Incorporation Or Bylaws; Change In Fiscal Year.


As more fully set forth in Item 5.07, on March 16, 2020, holders of a majority of the outstanding voting capital stock of NanoViricides, Inc. (the “Registrant”) voted to approve an amendment to the Registrant’s Articles of Incorporation (the “Amendment”) to increase the number of its authorized shares of capital stock from 8,000,000 shares to 160,000,000 shares of which 150,000,000 shares were designated common stock, par value $0.001 per share (the “Common Stock”) and 10,000,000 shares were designated “blank check” preferred stock, par value $0.001 per share (the “Preferred Stock”). The Amendment was filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada on March 19, 2020. A copy of the Amendment is attached as Exhibit 3.1 hereto and is incorporated herein by reference.



Item 5.07. Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders.


On March 16, 2020, the “Registrant held a Special Meeting of Stockholders (the “Meeting”). Holders of voting capital stock representing 5,114,594 votes of the Registrant’s outstanding voting capital stock representing 7,152,067 votes entitled to vote at the Meeting were present in person or by proxy, representing a majority of the Registrant’s outstanding voting capital stock.


At the Meeting, the Registrant’s stockholders approved an amendment to the Registrant’s Articles of Incorporation to increase the number of its authorized shares of Common Stock from 7,500,000 shares to 150,000,000 shares and to increase the number of authorized shares of Preferred Stock from 500,000 shares to 10,000,000 shares, accordingly increasing the total number of authorized shares to 160,000,000. The proposal is described in more detail in the Registrant’s Definitive Proxy Statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 19, 2020.


The second proposal, to adjourn the Meeting to a later date, if necessary, to permit the further solicitation of proxies if there were not sufficient votes at the time of the Meeting to approve the amendment to the Articles of Incorporation was rendered moot upon reaching a quorum of the Registrant’s capital stock.


The voting results of the shares of capital stock are set forth below:


Proposal 1 – Approval of an Amendment of the Registrant’s Articles of Incorporation:


Votes For Votes Against Votes Abstained
4,088,014 1,013,474 13,105



Item 9.01Financial Statements And Exhibits




Number Description
3.1 Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation









Date: March 20, 2020 By: /s/ Anil Diwan  

Name: Anil Diwan

Title: Chairman, President





Exhibit 3.1


BARBARA K. CEGAVSKE Secretary of State 202 North Carson Street Carson City, Nevada 89701-4201 (775) 684-5708 Website: Certificate of Amendment (PURSUANT TO NRS 78.385 AND 78.390) USE BLACK INK ONLY - DO NOT HIGHLIGHT ABOVE SPACE IS FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation For Nevada Profit Corporations (Pursuant to NRS 78.385 and 78.390 - After Issuance of Stock) 1. Name of corporation: 2. The articles have been amended as follows: (provide article numbers, if available) 3. The vote by which the stockholders holding shares in the corporation entitling them to exercise at least a majority of the voting power, or such greater proportion of the voting power as may be required in the case of a vote by classes or series, or as may be required by the provisions of the articles of incorporation* have voted in favor of the amendment is: Time: (must not be later than 90 days after the certificate is filed) 4. Effective date and time of filing: (optional) Date: 5. Signature: (required) Signature of Officer *If any proposed amendment would alter or change any preference or any relative or other right given to any class or series of outstanding shares, then the amendment must be approved by the vote, in addition to the affirmative vote otherwise required, of the holders of shares representing a majority of the voting power of each class or series affected by the amendment regardless to limitations or restrictions on the voting power thereof. IMPORTANT: Failure to include any of the above information and submit with the proper fees may cause this filing to be rejected. Nevada Secretary of State Amend Profit-After This form must be accompanied by appropriate fees. Revised: 1-5-15 X *090204* *090204* NANOVIRICIDES, INC. ARTICLE IV (a) Authorized Capital Stock. (i) the total number of shares of stock that the Corporation shall have authority to issue is 160,000,000, consisting of (i) 150,000,000 shares of Common Stock, par value $0.001 per share (the "Common Stock") and (ii) 10,000,000 shares of Preferred Stock, par value $0.001 per share (the "Preferred Stock"). (Balance Attached.) Majority





(Addendum to Certificate of Amendment)


(b)          Preferred Stock. Preferred Stock may be issued from time to time in one or more series. The Board of Directors is hereby authorized to provide for the issuance of shares of Preferred Stock in series and, by filing a certificate pursuant to the N.R.S. (hereinafter, along with any similar designation relating to any other class of stock that may hereafter be authorized, referred to as a “Preferred Stock Designation”), to establish from time to time one or more classes of Preferred Stock or one or more series of Preferred Stock, by fixing and determining  the number of shares to be included in each such class or series, and to fix the designation, powers, preferences and rights of the shares of each such series and the qualifications, limitations and restrictions thereof. The authority of the Board of Directors with respect to each series, is hereby expressly vested in it and shall include, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, determination of the following:


(i)          the designation of such class or  series, which may be by distinguishing number, letter or title;


(ii)         the number of shares of the series, which number the Board of Directors may thereafter (except where otherwise provided in the Preferred Stock Designation) increase or decrease (but not below the number of shares thereof then outstanding);


(iii)        the amounts payable on, and the preferences, if any, of shares of the series in respect of dividends payable and any other class or classes of capital stock of the Corporation, and whether such dividends, if any, shall be cumulative or noncumulative;


(iv)        on which dividends, if any, shall be payable;


(v)         whether the shares of such class or series shall be subject to redemption by the Corporation, and if made subject to redemption, the redemption rights and price or prices, if any, for shares of the class or series;


(vi)        the terms and amount of any sinking fund provided for the purchase or redemption of shares of the series;


(vii)       the amounts payable on and the preferences, if any, of shares of the series in the event of any voluntary or involuntary liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the affairs of the Corporation;


(viii)      whether the shares of the series shall be convertible into or exchangeable for shares of any other class or series, or any other security, of the Corporation or any other corporation, and, if so, the specification of such other class or series of such other security, the conversion or exchange price or prices or rate or rates, any adjustments thereof, the date or dates at which such shares shall be convertible or exchangeable and all other terms and conditions upon which such conversion or exchange may be made;


(ix)         restrictions on the issuance of shares of the same  class or series or of any other class or series;





(x)          whether the holders of the shares of such class or series shall be entitle to vote, as a class, series or otherwise, any and all matters of the corporation to which holders of Capital Stock are entitled to vote;


(xi)         the restrictions and conditions, if any, upon the issuance or reissuance of any Additional Preferred Stock ranking or a party with or prior to such shares as to dividends or upon distribution; and


(xii)        any other preferences, limitations or relative rights of shares of such class or series consistent with this Article III, the N.R.S. and applicable law.


(c)          Common Stock. The Common Stock shall be subject to the express terms of the Preferred Stock and any series thereof. Each share of Common Stock shall be equal to each other share of Common Stock. Except as may be provided in these Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation or in a Preferred Stock Designation, the holders of shares of Common Stock shall be entitled to one vote for each such share upon all questions presented to the stockholders.